How It Works

Barteringhelp.Com was born to help people and business come together to trade services. The intent is to make offering a service easy and available to all who have interest. There will always be a need for people helping people, businesses helping businesses without the exchange of money.

Barteringhelp.Com offers a practical and impactful approach for our users. The intent is to have a forum that will allow, clear and effective communication of services by both parties. That is Barteringhelp.Com.

If you know of a service or a skill that a person or a business can provide to the public it makes bartering easy and simple. It creates a win-win situation for both parties. 

How it Works

You will need to create a free account, by filling out the required information. Post your profession, trade, service, or product on Bartering Help.Com. It’s just that simple! Bartering has a platform that makes trading services that easy. You will have the ability to search and receive responses, from others who need your services. * Premium accounts are available to meet your advertising needs.

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